Panjgur: An Ignored and Deprived District

Yasmeen Baloch

Panjgur is deprived of all basic amenities and physical infrastructure. Neither roads nor any street lights are found there. The residents face many problems due to such things. The old vegetable market and Transport system is also chaotic. Hospital is deprived of its facilities; doctors have fled the district and went to Quetta. People are compelled to take their maimed patients in same condition to homes where they either die or face a mortal disease.

According to grades, Panjgur is on top, but the people living here are still illiterate, despite the fact that they work very hard to get positions, they don’t show literate behavior. In Gwadar there is a Market only for women but in Panjgur Women cannot step out of their homes. In Gwadar and Turbat Book Festivals are conducted but in Panjgur women don’t have the ability to comprehend a book.
In Panjgur a library was about to be built, but it was broken and now shops are being built. There is one Academy of poets and literary people which is known as ’’Izzat Academy Panjgur” which is neglected by the media except and only has its own page on Facebook. Abdul Qayyum Baloch established Izzat Academy on 14 September 1984. A Magazine named as’Chiraag” was being published for many years but now it’s being published as “Newan.” It’s a platform that provides maximum information and opportunities to literary people. There are no other educational curriculum activities for youth where they could boost up their talent.
Customary, Private schools of Panjgur were threatened to close down in 2014. An organization named “Tanzeem Islam Ul Furqan” was threatening the teachers and students, finally when no one stopped going to school then they burnt one of the Private Schools named as “The Oasis Academy Panjgur’’ which was the largest Private school). Many writers wrote in order to utter this issue but all in vain.
Panjgur is facing many hurdles and obstacles but the tyrant rulers only deject at such problems. Poverty, illetracy, narcotics and many other issues have led the students and other people of Panjgur towards calamity that keeps people into daze.
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