Balochistan: A Situational Analysis

RehaanRehaan Baloch
Presently, the state of affairs of public representatives in Balochistan is clumsy and grim. Notwithstanding, they are the result of a controversial election held in 2013 which was tantamount to bluffing the nation. Ironically, people of Balochistan voted for their true leaders but result came against the real will of the people. It is not blinking of the fact that the incumbent Balochistan assembly is puppet and not representing the public by and large.
Dummy Sardars and drug traffickers made their way to assembly after the contentious elections where selection of favorites was conspicuous. In reality, the winners and the true representatives were not the present deaf and dumb residing in assembly. The poor and destitute people of Balochistan are still in want of true leader who should bring changes in the incumbent status quo which is out and out faulty and anachronistic. Moreover, the archetypal blunder committed by the champions of democracy to divide the government tenure equally between a so called middle class person and a Nawab was in fact a kind of political suicide. It was a kind of unique joke in the political history of Pakistan and Balochistan in particular. It is a million dollar question that what the PML N government achieved in this game is still an enigma. Furthermore, what the middle class government brought in Balochistan in terms of governance and peace is out of question.  Dr Malik and his cabinet failed to change the destinies of the people of Balochistan in two and half years. He just served various interests of federal government as reward for making him Chief Minister. He failed to make a name as an opportunity was provided to him despite having microscopic minority.
Apparently, the selected and elected few lots are sitting to loot and plunder, not to care for general myriads. Up till now, the present assembly encompasses the Nawabs, Sardars and the so called middle class representatives have been failed to make laws for the well being of the people of Balochistan. Neither they have achieve success in ensuring better education, health and infrastructure to people nor legislated to jettison the central encroachment in the provincial affairs. Above all, their all focus is to find ways and means to loot the public exchequer in one way or the other. Incompetency of such incompetents can be gauged from the previous year lapsed budget which they failed to materialize to improve the living standard of people. Had such major chunk of budget utilized in education and health sectors then much of problem would have been solved. But democracy is the best revenge and such gifted will not always see silver spoon in their mouth. It’s never too late; much more they have to do in remaining two years in order to reinstate trust work for the public utility.

Making a lady as speaker of the house doesn’t mean that the rights of women are ensured

Sana Ullah Zehri must not repeat what Malik has done in Balochistan. The scepter of power is in the hand of Sana Ullah and he has majority in assembly. The first and the foremost duty of Nawab Sana Ullah Zehri are to maintain the dignity and the power of Balochistan assembly. To practically ensure what bills, laws and resolutions are passed in the assembly. The Balochistan assembly which is dormant since last elections is dire need of a leader to make the crumbling house in order. Making a lady as speaker of the house doesn’t mean that the rights of women are ensured. Passing education emergency law doesn’t mean that education is being provided across the board. Talking tall on the floor of house is not the governance but also make way for the improvement and real implementation.
Corrupt and the incompetent ministers should be changed with the educated and the competent ones. It is the high time to think above party politics and personal interests. It is ripe time to improve governance by taking crucial steps. Notwithstanding, it is our collective responsibility to assist government in bringing change in the province. In this realm the vibrant civil society which is playing the role of Balochistan assembly is commendable. Lastly, what he promised before taking oath should be his real agenda for change. Making Punjab chief minister as role model needs works like him pragmatically. Surely, public at large will support every constructive step of Nawab Sana ullah zehri if it is in favor of public interest.
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