Letter: Basic Problems of Education in Balochistan

Unlike other issues, education has still remained unsolved in the rich Provence of Pakistan which is called Balochistan. Students seem to be very distressed when they see the current educational system. Cheating is a common thing in Balochistan where students who have cheated get higher score as compared to the talented students.
Secondly, Balochistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BBISE) has failed in giving courageous and satisfactory results to students. Last year, many students failed in many subjects. Allegedly it was done deliberately to collect black money from them in next year by filling forms.
Thirdly, BBISE has not changed the course since last many years. The unchanged course makes students tired and they don’t take any interest in studies. When students study the outdated course they end up learning information which is obsolete and of no use for them. Therefore, students who pass matriculation after studying outdated course can’t compete in further studies.
Last but not the least, tests conducted through NTS for education department jobs have also failed to serve the purpose. People all over Balochistan have grievances against NTS testing process. It has resulted in allowing the people with influence to get jobs and further frustrating the talented candidates.
Educational system of Balochistan is jeopardized so much that students find no way to appeal for their rights.
 Yasmeen Baloch – Panjgur
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