Letter: Government Needs to Control Wall Chalking

The act of graffiti on walls, or walk chalking in simple terms, is rather unfavorable because it leaves adverse psychological impacts on the students who tend to read them. When such students are grown-up, they adopt the practice of writing on walls as their habits. In this context, the country desperately lacks prudent laws to strictly forbid and punish those who resort to wall chalking.
The government of Balochistan crafts huge plans, but it mostly fails to implement them which therefore results in loss of immense resources. In the developed countries, people are punished if they are found writing on walls. It is contrary in Pakistan; here somebody becomes popular by hanging posters or writing on walls in favor of a political party.
It is often seen that when workers of one political or religious party write on walls and the supporters of opposite party remove them. It is a continuous process in Pakistan that is not only polluting the environment, but also leaving bad impacts on the mindsets of students.
The civil society is also quiet about raising voice against the culture of graffiti. Rarely, some students are seemed to be raising awareness against this activity. Organized campaigns and rallies should be taken against graffiti.
Yasmeen Baloch – Panjgur
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