Letter: Incompetence of Education Directorate Hurting Students of Balochistan


Students of Balochistan are facing problems in the institutions at Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). There are seats reserved in different universities of KP for the student of Balochistan, in which Agricultural University and UET Peshawar are included. Unfortunately, because of negligence of education directorate Balochistan, every year 20 to 30 seats go vacant, without anyone acquiring them.

Students of Balochistan currently enrolled in universities of KP, holding scholarships are not being paid the allowance by the government for the last 2 years. They are attaining education on their own. Many Baloch students have dropped from universities due to their financial crises.

Political leaders of Balochistan claim of an educational emergency but they are not interested in resolving the issues at education directorate which result in big loss for talented students of Balochistan.

We, therefore, call upon our government officials to make efforts to resolve the problems of students of Balochistan studying on scholarships in KP. Strict action should also be taken against the corrupt and incompetent officials of Education Directorate who are cause of the problem.

Feroz Jamali
Agriculture University Peshawar

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