Plight of PTCL Pensioners

Dalbandin: PTCL Pensioners are facing lot of problems due to a pity amount of their pension. Government of Pakistan has not increased their Medical and other allowances. Every year in fiscal budget, minister of finance announces more than 15 to 25% different allowances for all employees and pensioners of different departments and accept their demands, But PTCL Pensioners are collecting a petty amount of only 7 to 8% allowances.
Pensioners who sacrificed every moment of their life to fulfill the demands of other people. Today we are using the Internet and are aware about different news and connected with international world these all are the result of that Linemen sacrifices that didn’t take care of his life and climbed up on tower to clear the Telephone line for users. Now a day’s PTCL department is renowned to be in the line of top 10 departments of Pakistan. It is the blessings of those Employees who sacrificed the happy and sorrow moments of his life and perform full duty every time.
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Mr. Malik Muhammad Rafique PTCL Pensioner from Dalbandin told Balochistan Voices that he is facing financial and other problems due to a small amount of pension. He is the only one earning person of a big family and in this critical situation he faces a lot of trouble to fulfill the basic needs of his family. His daily routine life is disturbed.  He further added that he and his other colleagues indulged in mental illness due to such big problems.
Mr. Malik further added that they have performed their duties during more than 52% Degree Centigrade in a very hot weather. The faced different weather and performed full time during long time unannounced load shedding. They completed the written office work in front of candle light on dark night times.
Mr. Haji Abdul Samad Reki, a PTCL Pensioner, told Balochistan Voices that in such a critical situation when the prices are sky-rocketing than how it will be possible for them to fulfill the basic needs of their families. He urged government to implement the employees act according to the rules and regulations of government service and implementation of orders passed by the honorable full bench high courts and Supreme Court of Pakistan.
The 5 Members Large Bench under the Supervision of Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali has taken action against this issue and given the final decision in favor of Pakistan PTCL Pensioners rights on 19th February 2016.
The Pensioners feel very happy and they have appreciated the decision in their favor.  They have requested honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan to announce the complete decision of this case and solve their problems.
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