Letter: Government should not Allow Coal-fired Power Plants in Hub

In January 2015, Hub Power Company (HUBCO) announced that they will build a 1,320 MW coal plant next to its current power station at hub Balochistan.”Coal power plant is fossil-fuel powered station which burns fossil fuel such as coal to produce electricity.
According to Ex-speaker of Balochistan Aslam Bhotani, “The electricity generated from HUBCO would be shifted to Lahore, Faisalabad and Karachi and the people of Lasbela would only get dust, environment pollution and diseases.” As many as 7 thousand tons coal would be burnt in HUBCO which would bring health disasters for the people of the area.
Coal fired plants emit harmful substances. This method seems to be useless. Apart from all this process has been banned in all countries due to its harmful aspects but government of Pakistan is willing to take this initiative. Moreover this process has several harmful aspects as compared to benefits. Already people are suffering; if it starts again there are too many chances of disease. Government should stop the construction of coal-fired power plants in Hub.
Mahnoor Bashir Mondra
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