Letter: Skyrocketing Fees of Private Schools

The highly demanded fees of private Schools have kept the parents and children in shock. For a better future every parent wishes to admit their children in a well-reputed School but the surplus amount of fee keeps the efforts incomplete.
In Quetta, many good schools are awarded and praised for their bright records and performances like Beacon house School system, City School, Iqra Army Public School. However most of them have made it a motto to venture extra funds.
In the urban areas of Balochistan like Makran, this issue is complicated. The monthly fee in Panjgur is 800 which is very less as compared to Quetta but if we compare both the schools of Quetta and Panjgur along other regions so we find a huge difference not only in economics but also in their products. Schools in Panjgur produce much better students in comparatively lesser amount of fee.
The situation of School fees Scandal is baffle that can’t be handled so soon. The increasing number of Schools and increment in annual fees compel the parents to withdraw their children from good schools.
Government of Balochistan is urged to take action against the large schools which are responsible for charging very high fees from the students.
Yasmeen Baloch
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