Letter: Unbearable Electricity Load Shedding in Pishin

Unbearable electricity load shedding has badly affected daily life in Pishin district of Balochistan.
Except for the Pishin city, there are long hours of load shedding in entire Pishin District.
In PML-N government people of Pishin district are suffering from 18 hours of electricity load shedding. During PPP government load shedding in district Pishin was 16 hours. So the electricity load shedding has worsened in Pishin under the watch of this government.
Apple Orchards are one of the main sources of livelihood for people of Pishin district. As a consequence of electricity load shedding almost 95 percent of Apple Orchards have died down due to shortage of water.
We urge Balochistan government to raise the issue of electricity load shedding with federal government and ensure that people of Balochistan get adequate hours of electricity in daily basis
Syed Akhtar Shah – Pishin
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