Short Stories by Dr. Naguman

Anwar Noor Baloch
“As a beginner I too started writing poems, but I found that, I am unnecessary forcing myself in the field of poetry, which is not mine. In 1989 I wrote articles for Balochi Magazines and continued step by step with writing short stories”, Dr. Naguman said with a soft tone who is a psychiatric by profession.
In 1999 he achieved his MBBS from Bolan Medical College, Balochistan and in 2010 he achieved the degree of Intermediate Module in Psychiatry. He authored couple of books, in Balochi language, such as Daare Asp, Nagdank, Gwachin, Rah oh Manzil, and Nokaz.
Writings of Dr. Naguman are easy to read and follow and it gives nice taste as well. I wish one day all his writings will be translated in to English and other languages as well.
Daare Asp (The Wooden Horse)
Daare Asp is the collection of short stories in Balochi, of the author. This book has been published in 2003 by legend publications, Karachi. The book contains twenty one short stories. Daare Asp is one of those stories, which carries the title of this book as well.
What the story of Daare Asp is about? The story is about a student who never travelled by Air. He always dreamed about to travel from Turbat to Quetta by Air. He uses bus to travel a distance of around eight hundred kilometers which takes around forty hours to reach, because of the un-paved road. He hates it, but has no options. He is a poor guy and can’t afford to buy an Air ticket. All of sudden there was a news and announcement from the government, that some students have the right to be supported from the funds of Zakat and he was one of those lucky to receive five thousand rupees. From this amount he bought a ticket. At the Airport, in the launching area, he was reading the headlines of newspaper and read news that, an American Airplane crashed and all passengers died on spot. “If most powerful country’s Airplane can be crashed, then, PIA would be in worst scenario,” the student became fret. He couldn’t make his mind to travel or go back.
What made Dr. Naguman a writer, since he is a well known psychiatric? “It is something common, that, any profession from different field can become a writer”, Dr. Naguman replied. What makes a person a writer, the mood or the situation? Dr. Naguman believes that, both can be the elements where sometimes a person doesn’t want to write but he or she has to because it is the need of the time. Sometimes a person may write or may not, depending upon his mood. What makes Dr. Naguman to be satisfied, the writing or reading? “Both, I love to read the book that I like, but not the one which can be given by force to read and enjoy, like text books. The same can apply for writing as well”, he explained it to me.
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