Anti-Corruption Drive: Some Missing Links

It is beyond any doubt that corruption in any shape anywhere is a condemnable act. But when we become choosy in curbing the menace it doubts our efforts and intentions. In case of Mushtaq Raisani the action taken by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is appreciable and currency, gold, savings certificates and dollars recovered from his house indicates the huge quantum of corruption in this single case. Reportedly NAB had also discovered a trail through which Rs 1.5 billion have been sent to South Africa through “hunddi.”
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It is being said that these funds were for the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) and development schemes of Local Government. One who is aware of the practice in vogue about release of funds of development schemes will definitely raise his eye brows as it is the Planning & Development (P&D) Department which issues authorization to Finance Department against approved development schemes for release of funds. Any scheme outside approved list has to be included in the list with the approval of Chief Minister which is sought through summary. Route of submission of summaries has been laid in the rules of business. It has to be ascertained by the concerned quarters that how these funds were released.
Unfortunately P&D and Finance departments do not enjoy good reputation for the release of funds and this very fact is in the notice of all and continuation of this pattern raises serious questions on the silence of higher ups and one gets the impression that either they are involved or it is being done with their connivance. All such elements may be bound down to answer these questions.
Moreover the procedures for release of funds need to be streamlined in a manner where they are made unsuspicious by all means. Similarly selection of officers for certain assignments also need to be taken care of as there are wide spread rumors about the selection criteria of officers against certain slots.
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