Gwadar: Poor Quality Construction Risking Lives

Suleman Hashim
Poor quality of constructions of buildings is risking the lives of people of Gwadar.
Gwadar is a coastal city and there is shortage of fresh water. Majority of buildings are constructed using salty water of the sea.
Most of contractors in Gwadar carry out their construction work with inferior quality cement and raw materials in order to save costs and maximize profits. They also manage to get No Objection Certificates (NOC) from the concerned departments after bribing the officials. As a result, the poorly constructed buildings are allowed to be used for the purpose for which they were made.
In short period of time Plaster of these building is damaged and the color also diminishes. Cracks start to appear in these buildings and lifespan of such buildings decrease.
Buildings of many schools have collapsed over the years and co-incidentally no student has been injured to date.
Recently, roof of a ward in District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital Gwadar collapsed after initial cracks in it. As a result few women were injured who were provided medical aid.
Deputy Commissioner (DC) Gwadar, Tufail Baloch, vacated that ward from patients to prevent further damage.
Still, cracks can be seen at a lot of places in this hospital including reception area which is often crowded by patients.
Major part of the building of DHQ hospital was constructed 20 years ago and the condition of the newly constructed parts of the hospital are also not good.
Lack of check and balance on the construction of buildings has endangered the lives of people of Gwadar.
Urgent action needs to be taken to ensure that buildings are approved only after proper inspection has been made about their quality. Similarly, urgent action should be taken to repair the already damaged buildings.
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