Letter: Condemnable Police Brutality against Messiahs

Doctors are the cream of the society and there is no doubt in it because their Apron itself shows their peaceful profession.
Unfortunately, Quetta Police conducted a ruthless baton charge, shelling of rubber bullets on the young doctors of Quetta who were leading a peaceful rally to protest lack of medicines in the hospitals?
Those doctors came to roads for the underprivileged people who cannot afford medicines. They came to register a protest for those people who lose their near and dear ones because of non-availability of necessary instruments required in operation theatre.
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Were those doctors terrorists? Did they come out to violate the law and order? Did they chant slogans against Pakistan? The answer is simply No. The crystal clear evidence is in the form of media clips of their rally and the subsequent police brutality.
There is simply no justification for what Police did against the Young doctors. What happened is condemnable in strongest possible words.
Dr. Asad, who recently came from America after completion of his USMLE, was hit on his eyes and nose due to which he might lose his vision power.
Government of Balochistan must bear all the expenditure for the treatment of Dr. Asad and stringent action must be taken against those vicious police officers who made such a shameful and insidious action and they must be brought to the book.
Jahandad Shah Kakar – University law college Quetta
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