Letter: NAB should continue Anti-corruption Drive

As we all are aware of the condition of Balochistan. It is suffering from poverty and illiteracy. There is no proper education system like schools, colleges, teachers and no basic facilities. People are dying because of poverty and illiteracy. What is the reason? Is Balochistan not getting any funds, how could it be, how is it possible? Balochistan is also the part of Pakistan it is also getting all fund or money like other provinces get. Then the question arises where all that money goes? Balochistan is blessed with the people like Mushtaq Raisani who are busy to fill their pockets and bank accounts.
Recently National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Friday recovered more than Rs 730 million from the residence of Balochistan’s Finance Secretary Mushtaq Ahmed Raisani, who was arrested. From where all that money came? Was it his own money? But how could it be possible? How one man can earn this amount?
People of Balochistan always cry that Balochistan is not getting any funds but Balochistan but the NAB raid shows that it’s clearly getting funds. NAB is Pakistan’s apex anti-corruption organization. NAB is to work to eliminate corruption through a comprehensive approach encompassing prevention, awareness, monitoring and combating.
Who could we blame? Our own leaders are corrupt.
Mahnoor Bashir Mondra – Lasbela
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