Need for Proportionate Democracy in Pakistan

Abdul Ghafoor Kakar
Democracy is more important than the PM’s accountability, says Asma jahangir.
One can’t fathom what kind of democracy she is talking about, whereas the current democracy converts majorities into minorities. For every constituency 4 or 5 members are contesting election. If one gets 30,000 votes, two get 20,000 votes each and one gets 10,000 votes. Of course the 30,000 votes-taker having the mandate of minority, will rule upon those 50,000 people who are being majority and against him, now think about it, are those 50,000 people are not Pakistani? Are they aliens?
The same phenomenon happened in the election of 2013. PML-N is still making its hay by securing only 14.8 millions votes out of 46.2 million and it is being repeated in ages. One has to understand what Pakistan needs is proper system of proportionate or representational democracy.
Proportionate democracy never lets a single vote go to waste. If a proportionate representation is given to all parties in the national assembly in accordance with their representation in the national assembly, it will never spoil a single vote.
As far as the opposition is concerned, Aitzaz Ahsan says the opposition can’t do anything being a minority in the house about Panama Leaks.  Let us ask him, then what is the need of opposition and its leader in the house?
Deductively speaking, the current democracy in Pakistan is serving capitalism and the interests of capitalist classes. It is neither the rule of majority nor representative of public aspirations.
Realizing its identity Pakistan has to introduce the system of proportionate democracy that will serve the desires and aspirations of the nation. Besides, it will raise an obstacle in the way of capitalist class that has been looting Pakistan since its inception.
Writer is Quaidian Social scientist.
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