Spending 730 Million on People of Balochistan Instead

Himayat Ullah Dostain
A sum of Rs. 730 million were recovered by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in a raid at the home of Secretary Finance Mushtaq Raisani. Recovery of this huge amount means that resources of provincial government meant for the people are going in wrong hands.
In 2015, people of Balochistan faced a trouble in the form of issue of famine that has affected 29 out of 32 districts of the province. In famine hit districts people are losing their animals due to lack of availability of water. Majority of people depend on livestock for their livelihood and the famine has destroyed their financial backbone.
This famine hit the people of Balochistan in two ways one in shape of livestock and the issue of malnutrition in Balochistan where citizens were unable to grow up due to  unavailability of Food to all those which were affected by famine.
Considering above mentioned points People of Balochistan are also deprived of proper health care systems. In every District of Balochistan, District hospitals are there only in shape of structure, all modern machines which would improve Health care systems are unavailable there and even patients are referred to Provincial Capital Quetta or Karachi for further treatment.
Let’s consider another affected department that is most likely Education. Education Department in Balochistan is suffering more than other provinces. Student here are not given modern technology to get education and also all those funds which are allocated for education are not distributed in proper manner. So it affects the efficiency of education department as well.
Although, the situation in Balochistan is well known to all Ministers and they spoke most common words there is lack of funds to improve these departments. Of course there is no fund because of finance department because they keep them for their own self.
Let’s suppose what if these 730 Million rupees were utilized for those three departments; Education, Health and Livestock. This would surely make a difference for people of Balochistan.
After this scandal I believe Famine, low literacy and Health care are in broken shape because of the provincial Government and not the federal. I consider the corrupt people enemy of Balochistan. By virtue of National accountability bureau (NAB) these were recovered and we hope that NAB continues its efforts against corruption.
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