Another Officer Transferred in Public Interest

Ajmal Kakar
On 22nd June, Government of Balochistan transferred Abdul Saboor Kakar from the position of Secretary Education and made him Officer on Special duty (OSD). He served at the position of Secretary Education for more than a year, and did an incredible job.
Balochistan is principally a backward province in every field and it’s due to the fallouts of illiteracy and ignorance, where education system was completely devastated and spoiled on account of ill paid attention and negligence from the concerned authorities.
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In the meanwhile, Saboor Kakar due to his gallantness and honesty has been accredited to the task of Secretary Education, who not only brought the whole education system back on track but also ameliorated and reformed the education system.
Being the Secretary of Education he toured almost all the districts and visited schools. He has the credit to make the teachers fully responsible on their duties and improved the infrastructure of the education system. Without exaggerating, he carried out his tasks designated to him in a very effective and efficient manner but it took not much time that political forces did not let him proceed with his work.
Furthermore, in order to protect their vested interests, the political class made him OSD. This is supremely astonishing to botch-up the whole on-going policies and initiatives initiated by him.

Transferring such a candid officer [Saboor Kakar] from the post of Secretary Education is severely condemnable act carried out by the provincial Government

Transfer and posting are a routine practice but without rationale and logic behind them they create problems. Actually there is a provision in government rules which permit transfer and posting in public interest but here in the case of Abdul Saboor Kakar, This rule is violated and abused by the government of Balochistan. Saboor Kakar managed to work well under the pressure of a Nationalist party which has a lot of vested interests in Education department. Transferring such a candid officer from the post of Secretary Education is severely condemnable act carried out by the provincial Government.
The only misdeed of Saboor Kakar was displeasure of political bosses, because bosses are supposed to be pleased so that the officers can continue working on their position in the ill-fated province of Balochistan.
It is pertinent to point out that such sort of officers should be backed-up by government and civil society because they are the main pillars and runners of the government. Moreover, it is in the best interests of the people of Balochistan that transfer and posting decisions should be on merit basis rather on political basis.
Impediments in the way of such sincere officers should be removed in a bid to allow them to carry on their business in a well and organized manner. At the same time, de-politicization of Bureaucracy is must because we already lack competent and honest officers.
Furthermore, public interest provisions should be amended to ensure that the bureaucracy serves the public and not the vested interests of the political class.
Writer is Student of MA political science GC University Lahore
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