Balochistan’s Job Quota: What Needs to be Done?

Naheed Qasim
Minister for Climate Change Zahid Hamid informed the Senate on January 22, 2016 that Balochistan’s job quota in federal government’s departments had been increased from 3.5 to 6 per cent.  But the question is that where Balochistan 6% quota has in federal jobs gone?
This question has been raised by print and electronic media from last one year but provincial and federal government is not taking any serious action to satisfy the unemployed youth of Balochistan.
Hamid said that “small number of candidates from Balochistan applied for jobs in federal government’s departments.” If the situation is really like that as Hamid mentioned then why federal and provincial government is not starting awareness campaign for Balochistan unemployed youth to make them aware about federal government jobs to control the chronic unemployment situation in Balochistan; but actually it is just an excuse of federal and provincial government to deprive people of Balochistan from their right.
At the moment, out of 49 Federal secretaries not a single one is from Balochistan. Even from last one year different resources are questioning the originality of Balochistan domicile of the present 2,552 employees working in the Ministry of Law and Justice and its attached departments. Why government of Balochistan is not taking any action to send these fake domiciles to authorities concerned in Balochistan for verification?

A situation is artificially created by rejecting all valid applications for Balochistan Quota and then jobs are transferred to open merit

So apparently situation seems like that, the cunning bureaucrat’s relatives or family members have been appointed on Balochistan quota job and the people of Balochistan have been deprived of their own right. Consolidated Advertisement No. 6/2016  the posts has been displayed on FPSC’s website, but out of 37 department posts only in 9 departments posts have been announced for Balochistan, is this 6 % quota of Balochistan? Out of twenty four senior teachers (female) (BPS-17) posts only two for Balochistan, the situation is same in other departments as nineteen assistant mechanical engineers (BPS-17), Balochistan one, one hundred and twelve trained graduate teachers (male) (BPS-16), Balochistan seven, twenty seven assistant private secretaries (BPS-16), Balochistan two, but the questions arises;  is Balochistan unemployed youth aware about these posts, will they apply on these posts, will their application be accepted by federal government authority or job applications sent by candidates of Balochistan are rejected for insubstantial excuses and as a result, a situation is artificially created where there is no valid application for Balochistan Quota Jobs. After that, the cunning bureaucrats transfer these jobs to open merit. So, number of questions are their but our provincial or federal government does not want to answer a single question.
Now it’s the time that youth of Balochistan without wasting any further time, to prevent further damage should raise voice for their right and should start an awareness campaign to aware Balochistan youth about quota jobs in federal government. And provincial and federal government should provide systematic data of employs currently working on Balochistan quota and the vacancies of the reserved quota; and apart from that Balochistan government should also take the initiative of auditing all domicile certificates awarded all over Balochistan in the last 20 years, as fake domiciles is one of a major causes that deprive genuine candidates of Balochistan of Federal government jobs. As a result of this action, unemployed candidates of Balochistan who are competing for jobs will succeed to get what is rightfully theirs.
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