Letter: Menace of Unemployment

I want to enlighten the public regarding a serious problem of unemployment and it is defined that a person who does not have a work to earn his livelihood is called an unemployed person.
Unemployment is a universal problem that everyone faces. In Pakistan many educated people are jobless and wondering here and there to find jobs for them.
Almost 14 per cent of our youths aged between 15-24 years are unemployed.
There are approximately 25,000 professions in a modern economy, while in Pakistan hardly a fraction of these professions have been tapped.
This is very dangerous and thousands of young girls and boys are holding their master’s degrees but are without jobs. There are numerous doctors, engineers, scientists, teachers who are having their degrees in their hands but unfortunately, they are out of job.
Unemployment has plenty of ominous effects upon the progress of the country, because unemployed people cannot take part in the development of the society or the country.
So I request the government of Pakistan to create more occupations for the youths so that they have better to live a comfortable life and take part in betterment of Pakistan.
Munaj Gul Muhammad – Turbat
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