Helping Humans is Edhism

Rashid Hussain Bhatti
Abdul Sattar Edhi one of the glaring stars on the horizons of Humanitarianism left us for his eternal abode on Friday. Edhi started his humanitarian struggle back in 1957; by setting up a dispensary, and continued till he breathed his last. His success in Welfare of People is solely due to his tireless efforts. His Edhi Foundation expanded from Karachi to all corners of Pakistan besides he paid his services internationally. His services are widely recognized by National and International Communities. His name is in Guinness Book of World Records and He was named for Nobel Peace Prize several times.
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Abdul Sattar Edhi was greatest philanthropist and servant of humanity, He embraced those rejected by society. He adopted Orphans. He owned unclaimed dead bodies. He was the first to reach the sites of blasts and natural calamities; on many instances, even before government officials.  He endeavored for good of Humanity. I feel so miserable outlining spectrum of services created by the Edhi.
During his last days when he was critically ill, he denied Asif Zardari’s offer to be treated abroad. He rather preferred Pakistani hospitals over foreign. Our leaders however, do the opposite. They govern here and like being treated abroad.
Now Abdul Sattar Edhi is no more within us. He has done his job by making a path for us to embark upon. He has shown how within available resources an empire of Social Welfare could be built. He has proved state sponsorship is not mandatory to help suffering people. He illustrated Race and Creed is not the hindrance to offer someone helping hand. More importantly “No religion is higher than Humanity” is what he believed and practiced throughout the course of his lifelong humanitarian services. Living a life of Edhi is Edhism. Helping Humans is Edhism. Helping Geeta finding his home is Edhism. Edhism is what all of us should be doing now.
Salam Edhi!
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