8th September: International Literacy Day

Education is the backbone of any state or Nation. It is one of most important tools for people to survive in this world. There is nothing without education. The world is such as a dark hole and everything is dismal for the people. Without education people cannot observe anything in this universe.
International Literacy day was celebrated for the first time on 8th September 1965 by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). It aims to highlight the importance of literary to individual, communities and societies.
Due to article (25-A) Government is bound to provide free education to every individual.
Former Government has chanted big slogan of Education Emergency but no work can be observed on ground, that slogan was just as an ornamental beauty of Newspapers. There is lack of facilities in educational institutions told Waqar Reki Chairman Reki Education Forum (REF) Balochistan.
Mr. Reki further added that a lot of funds gone in vain on the name of education. NAB and other officials must take action against culprits and ensure recovery of funds which have been eaten up on the name of education.
Mr. Jameel Ahmed Baloch student of F.Sc urged that Corruption is a big hurdle towards education. He further added that people of Balochistan leave educational journey incomplete due to poverty. People fulfill their basic needs narrowly and in such a critical situation education is very difficult journey for them.
Baloch lamented that teachers and citizens have to play individually a vital role to promote education and improve literary rate in Balochistan.
It is not just our Education, our roads, buildings and even everything has disappeared due to corruption.
A Lady teacher and Girl students told the Balochistan Voices that we are facing a lot of problems in line of duty. No pick and drop service is a big problem for lady teachers and girl students. There is no facility of electricity or drinking water in girl schools. Girls want to get education and change future of Balochistan and Pakistan but unluckily there is no platform for them. It needs serious actions to promote girls education.
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