Say No to Qatari Princes

Javed Siddique
On 10th of December, entire world community celebrated the day of Human Rights. The motive behind celebrating this day was to give a message to the entire world community to equally treat whole the human beings. In spite of, any creed, caste, tribe, religion, nation and gender they belong. Respecting the humanity and preaching the message to never discriminate among black or white, American or African, rich or poor, so on and so forth.
But on the other hand, we are experiencing the same discrimination in our country. We are hosting the Qatari Princes as our state guest. Instead of placing a ban on hunting of endangered bird Houbara bustard our government has allowed them to hunt.
What a state of mind we have, is this, not a discrimination or uncivilized gesture? that we are undoubtedly promoting gender inequality on one hand and ruining the Islamic laws on other, but still the government seems to guard her stance to say that Qatari’s and Arab’s are our brethren and during hunting period facilitating them is our moral responsibility.
Being a Muslim and a citizen of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan I never support this inhumane and illogical standpoint of the government, are you? Violation is violation whether a state quest is doing it or an ordinary citizen both are must be punished by the real sense of Islamic principles and country’s law.
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