Letter: NADRA in Turbat

Turbat is one the most populated cities of Balochistan its population is on the rise and also problems are also increasing with it. National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) office is one of the main office of Turbat where in a day approximately 5 to 6 hundred people come for making their CNIC and B-forms.
Furthermore, it sad to mention that its faced with the problems such as disconnectivity of internet, mismanagement and even does not have a generator when electricity supply is suspended.
In addition, very far areas of Kech people come such as Dasht, Blueda, Zamuran and other but are compelled to go back without being the work done. It is to clarify that the rich people soon get their work done and the poor are facing bundle of setbacks via the corrupt employs of the office. There is no well arrangements for sitting, so people have to stand for very long time. Another root cause is that staff is less and works are lot, they issue 350 or more tokens in a day.
On the other hand, the boundary is not very large and lack of cold water for drinking in hot weather. It is extremely uncomfortable that males and females are being given tokens together by the same person.
At last, it is my humbly request to higher authorities to take a serious action on this massive problem for people of Turbat.
click here Maria Noor – Turbat
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