Letter: Problems of Usta Muhammad Town

There is a big difference in facilities and necessities and we, the citizens of Usta Muhammad, are lacking the both.
City of Usta Muhammad is known as second hub and a major part of the green belt of Balochistan, having more than 75 rice and wheat Mills, 8 government and private banks, more than 42 petrol pumps and many other things.
The natives want to invest but due to security reasons and government incompetence they are not investing rather moving to other places.
On the other hand, people are suffering from bad sewerage system, electricity problems and shabby roads in the whole city.  Because of lack of experienced doctors in civil hospital people have to go to Larkana or Jacobabad for treatment of small diseases.
And somehow the welfare of this area depends upon agriculture and agriculture depends upon water so when the people will not get water for irrigation, every year they will have to borrow more.
Government has done nothing for native people. I would like to draw the attention of the government to the sufferings people of Usta Muhammad.
Ahsan Mastoi – Jaffarabad
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