Human Rights and Psychological Needs of World Inhabitants

Khurram Sajjad
Human rights violation has become the order of the global society. Vested interests of the mighty states have deteriorated human rights in terms of cynical use of force, terrorism, undemocratic norms, foreign intrusion into alien territories, and unbridled pursuit of regional player for status. In this circumventing situation, United Nations (UN) appears to be an irrelevant entity on the global horizon which aims to promote inter-faith harmony and civilization in the world.
Notably, Human rights include physiological and legal needs of mankind; however, psychological needs are immensely overlooked. The human rights activists are making all-out efforts to provide people with their legitimate rights under the shadow of Human Rights Commission. Nevertheless, they come to a halt halfway at a point when they are in influenced by a mighty force.
Psychology has taken years of research-work to understand the intrinsic need of human being. Most of the renowned psychologists have come up with their respective schools of thoughts, but the notion of mental processes is partly acceptable among them. Undoubtedly, the human mind cannot be read or understood in a condition of hibernation where it remains muted and non-behavioural. Likewise, the pathological aspect of human being is diagnosed through behaviours and actions. The significance of inner needs of human is always neglected by human rights agency in a world where most of the people are in a state of anxiety and acute depression owing to upsurge of wishes and their non-fulfilment.
Undeniably, law remains intact under a healthy state of mind. Continual punitive action by law against the perpetrator can no longer mend his behaviour if he is in the turbulent emotional state of mind. Otherwise, continuous coercion may violate human rights laws.
This can be seen from the fact that thousands of people including women and children have been killed in Syria, while over 5 million people have turned into homeless refugees. No state expresses its desire heartily to welcome them—not from the west and also the Muslim world—especially by the fear of homing terrorism, despite the fact that every state is in possession of human rights activists. Under lack of sympathy and rise of disdain the refugees are dragged into inferiority complex and sheer deprivations.
 Moreover, the use of force is still underway by making the best use of lethal weapons not only in Syria but also in other countries of the middle-east. The covert proxy wars amongst the ‘war lords’ are giving way to more bloodshed and loss of human lives. Nonetheless, the wars are wagged in front of Human Right Council and Commission, staring in the face.
The inefficacy of human rights agency can also be realized through perennial existence of massive human rights violation in Kashmir and Palestine.  Shamefully no state has expressed its condemnation against anyone of them other than Pakistan and some European states hitherto. It appears the international community relies on USA to deal with these crises and this reliance enables USA to assume the role of global police.
Moreover, the international community has also been desensitized to the persistent exposure of bloodshed while injecting a blur vision to the actual bloodshed via electronic media. Hence, the entity of Human Right Commission has failed to safeguard human rights in the world. Human rights activists do not seem to be on the same page when it comes to the violation of human rights.
Similarly, for HRC, in order to cope with the challenges related to psychological needs of humans, the primary step would be to eliminate the spectre of terrorism. Secondly, General Assembly should be empowered to discourage the role of P5 states at Security Council. The commission should exchange tangible information or reports of human rights violation. Finally, the psychological needs should be put into the frame of human rights so will the HRC be able to cope with the human rights challenges with a holistic approach.
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