National Media Conference Held in Karachi

Yahya Reki
Karachi: Journalists are working in a war zone since 2 decades in Pakistan. We are unable to work safely and find another way of reporting said renowned Journalist Zia Uddin while he was taking part in a panel discussion “safety Journalism” in 2 days National Media Conference organized by Center of Excellence in Journalism IBA Karachi.
Mr. Zia further told that we have to take care during reporting a story, any miss and innocence mistake may be a critical for journalist and it cause to target him. A journalist must be in touch with News Desk before going for conflict reporting.
Elisa Tinsley, ICFJ, said that a major idea is to keep engaging viewers or listeners on Television and Radio. Using good skill and abilities is a good segment to keep viewers busy. People are passionate to get something different and credible.
Iqbal Baloch said that there are a lot of problems for journalists for in Digital media. It needs to provide training workshops on how to deal with challenges. Mr. Baloch added that; it is necessary to publish correctly news, we have to be innovative during report a story.
Women in Media:
Women are representing 30% globally and 18% Pakistani media. It is duty to report the truth and be a voice of voiceless people. Radio journalism is one of the most powerful tool to change backward people minds in their regional languages. Women can do anything, they need to take first step and be united for rights. She added that recognize women not by her beauty and cuteness but by her talent.
The Pakistani Media is very open and the women needs to work with passion and determination. Told Najia Ashar Anchor person. Journalism is a big challenge for a women to keep continue her job. There is a big gap of aspiring women journalists in Pakistan. We have to struggle and use social media and leave dependence on TV Channel and Media Houses. Women harassment is not being observed in Media Houses but in every field of life.
Conflict Reporting
Self-security is very important during conflict area reporting told Massoud Hossaini Afghanistan based photo journalist while he was taking part in a session on Conflict area reporting on 2nd day of conference. He added that we have to understand the situation and collect information. Sharing his personal experience during work he advised that check surroundings and make clear way.
A Peshawar based journalist told that many journalists have been targeted during reporting and no investigation nor any culprit has arrested. She say that Peshawar APS incident has indulged in mental disturbance. There is no journalism only press releases being forwarded.
Sri lankan journalist Dikrukshi Handunnetti put a glance on the importance of training workshops for journalists about conflict reporting, and told that we have to transfer knowledge with other colleagues. She told that it can affect the journalist and also the organization can be targeted.
Ejaz Khan Quetta Bureau Chief TV Channel told that journalists are facing a lot of problems during work and they are deprived of confirmation news from concerned officials.
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