Balochistan Voices Starts National Section

Balochistan Voices has started its national section for the first time. Since its inception on 20th February 2017, Balochistan Voices had only focused on news and opinion articles about Balochistan. Now, based on the suggestions of readers and team members, Balochistan Voices announces the inception of its national section.
In this section, Balochistan Voices would publish blogs, opinion pieces and letters for now. News of national level will not be carried in this section for now.
Balochistan Voices invites contributors across the country to contribute to the national section of this online newspapers. Interested contributors can send their contributions on For more information on the rules of contribution, potential contributors can check the Contribute section.
Team Balochistan Voices anticipates the same level of support from readers and contributors for its national section as it has got for its Balochistan related news and opinions section.
Feel free to give your feedback on this decision of Balochistan by contacting the editor at
Balochistan Voices
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