Cure by Cupping Therapy

Tariq Jamaldini
After considering the deep-red circles left by cupping on the body of athlete Michael Phelps in Rio Olympics, my curiosity for knowing about this therapy increased further. After the news aired by international media, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Brazilian footballer Neymar and celebrity Victoria Beckham underwent this therapy. The topic has opened new doors for debate and discussion. To think of the cure by ‘cupping therapy’, one may ask how a cup is relaxing to the mind and body. In the society we live in, cupping therapy is just considered an Islamic cure.
“Hajama (the Arabic name for cupping) is Sunnah having many benefits. How does cupping work? A cup is placed on the body and a little cut is made with a blade that makes the blood flow. Suction is created by an air pump to pull out the waste blood .The body Parts where doctor puts the cups are: face, head, legs, arms and can be the whole body.
While counting the benefits, doctor Farooq says, “for Performing the cupping therapy, an advance technical way is our recognition. We have experts in our laboratory. Safety precautions are carried out during this mini operation.”
“After every six months I must take Hajama on my body and head. It relaxes the whole body and makes the face glowing. The marks disappear automatically. I am feeling fresh, a condition which I can’t describe in words. I am just over the moon,” he uncovers his head to show the marks of circle bruises.
Another physical therapist, Najam Ali, on Archer Road Quetta describes it, “cupping is an old kind of cure, the new shape of leeching therapy, same kind of therapy in which blood is sucked out through leeches. Here it is not common, in Saudi Arabia it is done in every home. There are limitless advantages lying in it, provided that it is performed by an expert. Street vendors are also performing this job which could lead to uneven results. It is necessary to pull out the skin’s dirty blood not the blood of vein. Pulling out the right blood from right part is the job of an expert.”
Safety precaution is also necessary. Some performers reuse same blades and pumps, which can lead to dangerous ailments. “We charge one hundred fifty rupees for each cup. It’s up to you how many cups you want to place on your body. The more you pay, the more you get. We throw out all the used tools. Checking blood pressure and heart beating rates before the operation is our core duty,” he says.
“The therapy must be performed by an expert otherwise it increases your disease. I performed my cupping therapy in Nushki, which transformed my back upper pain to lower one. There are many benefits of this cure but knowing the right place and right medic is your duty,” cautions Wali khan, a patient who has suffered joint pain recently.
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