When People Dream of the Lost Little Paris

http://www.arthotelvarese.it/?yutie=notizie-per-opzioni-digitali&6f9=74 Yahya Reki
Once, a big chunk of people from all provinces of the country, rushed to enjoy different seasons and natural beauty of Balochistan in Quetta. Historically Quetta was known as a “Little Paris”. Unluckily, the city has lost its beauty and glamour due to over population and Government’s apathy. The Balochistan government held local body elections on 7th December 2013 before other provinces could hold.
Balochistan is the only province where local body elections were held first. But the process of the election has been far from satisfactory although it was a great triumph for Balochistan government. The local bodies have faced a lot of hurdles from authorities soon after elections. People have pinned hopes in local body elections considering it a ray of hope for change but, unluckily, the bodies are even compelled to protest for their own rights in different areas of Pakistan.
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On 18th January, a delegation of local body members, from different districts of Balochistan, went Islamabad for showing their concern about unfulfilment their rights and lack of funds allocated for the continuity of development works. The paucity of funds to work freely for the welfare of local people remains a prime concern for the office bearers, who in return are compelled to stop development work. The local body members often express their demands. They do try to din their voices into the ears of concerned authorities via Press conferences, but the situation remains irreversible. Local bodies have been dumped beneath their own hurdles; however, they might resolve problems of the people if provided with funds.
There is no check and balance over anything in Quetta. Being master of their own wishes, people don’t follow the law. Butchers have started slaughtering animals on road side that is cause of spreading dirt and damaging the atmosphere for passers-by, who come for shopping in markets. With this sheer negligence, people have contracted with different diseases.
Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif inaugurated different projects on 2nd May 2016. He laid the foundation of GPO Chowk with a total cost of 62 million rupees, Goli Mar Chowk on Bravery road with a total cost of 1.2 billion rupees and 2 under passes. Unfortunately, these projects are still incomplete after 11 months have elapsed. Traffic disturbance has become a daily routine in different populated areas of Quetta owing to not having Traffic Engineering Bureau which has left the construction work incomplete on different projects.
Mr. Saqib Baloch, a local resident of Quetta, told Balochistan Voices that Municipal Corporation had a lot of funds for lightening Quetta city but for cleanliness. No development is seen in progress in this regard. The city reflects a picture of a dustbin and dirt.
Mr. Baloch further added that Quetta city had been converted into a trash can. “Garbage is littered everywhere in the city and its surroundings. People have become sick off due to lack of actions on behalf of government causing vows of the people increase,” said Mr. Baloch.
Younas Baloch, Deputy Mayor of Quetta, shared that Prime Minister’s 5 billion rupees for 12 important projects has been approved. Ali Mengal would supervise work as a project director. “Mr. Mengal will look after forming of Traffic Engineering Bureau, under passes, bridges and extension of roads. Buildings Code Authority Quetta’s master plan for bus stand will be shifted to Hazar Ganji and will start very soon,” informed Mr. Younas.
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