A School, haunted by policies not by Ghosts!

Hameeda Noor
In BP-26 Jaffarabad, Government Girls High School (GGHS) is the only Girls’ High School in Dera Allah Yaar with three other government middle schools in the city. After completing their primary and middle education, the female students of these three schools seek admission for secondary classes in GGHS. Due to the overwhelming strength, nearly ‘65 to 85’ students are enrolled in a single class. The class rooms are congested to accommodate a high number of students in one class for a teacher to teach. Indeed, it is a challenge for the teachers to maintain quality education as the class rooms are filled beyond standard capacity. Provision of quality education in such a scenario is almost next to impossible. As a result, most of the students either choose to remain absent or they are just dropped out from school prior to completing matriculation.
The GGHS building is in a dilapidated condition. Out of nineteen class rooms five are partially damaged. Their roofs leak during rains, and at times, the plaster peels off and falls down on students. Lately, a student sustained injuries as a result of a piece of plaster falling down on her. The remaining three classrooms are fully damaged. It is risky and dangerous for the students to continue with classes in those ramshackle classrooms. Ironically, one of the rooms of GGHS is being used as a classroom for Elementary College Students. The potable water tank is nearby the toilet where the underground water is getting contaminated. It is not completely safe and poses high risks to students’ health.
The main sewerage line of the city which passes in front of the school gate remains choked. Sewage enters into the premises of the school and school turns into a pool of dirty water during rainy seasons. The smell of this contaminated and dirty water remains a great deal of inconvenience to students. On the hand, Teachers’ knowledge, according to curriculum, is not satisfactory.
Students and teachers are demanding a new school building with modern equipment and facilities from the MPA Miss Rahat Jamali who, ironically, lives as close to the school as a bee close to a clump of flowers, yet the dilapidated condition of the school building seems invisible to her.
Girls travel from far flung areas of districts. Their parents can’t afford transportation expenses but they eagerly send their girls to school. But in school, facilities and quality of education is questionable.
At the backyard an area of the school a plot lies vacant. It is government’s property to bring the vacated area in use for constructing more classrooms as well as separating primary section of the school. The students of the Elementary College should be shifted to the building which has been built for training. The boys should be shifted to Boys High School. New MPA funds should be appropriated for renovation and construction of schools. On the other hand middle schools should be upgraded to high schools. This will go a long way in terms of minimizing the burden on GGHS.
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