Surab: Students Protests Against Non-Functional College Building

Yahya Reki
QUETTA: Students belonging to Surab district staged a protest demonstration against non-commencement of classes in college building of Surab.
Protestors of Surab chanted slogans and highlighted their demands outside Quetta Press Club.
Construction of Surab College is still incomplete even after last 13 years. Boys College Surab was handed over to the Education Department in 2004 but thirteen years later, the construction process is still not completed.

“A large number of students have cleared their matriculation exams whom are compelled to leave their educational journey in half” said told Mr. Abdul Hameed a resident of Surab. He added that the students are compelled to continue college classes in Government Boys High School building, which creates hurdles for school students.
Mr. Irfan Lehri said that the building construction work has been completed before 14 years, but due to lack of interest from education department students are still studying in school building.
Mr. Lehri added that it is a pre-planned game to prevent illiteracy and keep our district backward in education.
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Mr. Iltaf Baloch, a student from Surab said that construction work of Surab Degree College has completed 90 percent, unfortunately it has been stopped. Hundreds of girls and boys students are compelled to get education in school classes.
Mr. Baloch added that there is lack of basic and other educational facilities. No chemical and biological laboratory is available for students to engage in practical work. Students face a lot of hurdles during examinations, he added.
The demonstrators told that it is responsibility of Balochistan government to take such an issue on serious bases and issue orders for the completion of construction work and starting classes in new building.
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