Environment Day and Lasbela

Sumaira Aslam Baloch
5th June is celebrated as environment day all over the world. Pakistan is conscious that unbridled growth and development all over the world has laid a heavy burden on sustainability for the present and future on the planet Earth.
In district of Lasbela presently the environmental situation is disturbing due to number of factors including  high population growth rate, lack of public awareness, mismanagement of water and other natural resources, marine pollution, air pollution, plastic bags pollution and unplanned urban and industrial expansion.
Hub City which is an industrial city of Lasbela is contributing a lot to destroy the environment because of industries which are creating air pollution and these industries through their garbage in water bodies are creating water pollution.
People are also creating water pollution themselves because of washing vehicles and clothes in water bodies and this water is being used for drinking purpose which is causing viral diseases across Hub.
Gaddani is one of the valuable area of Lasbela because of marine water property but the Marine water is being polluted with chemical wastes, plastic bags and bottles etc. People come here on Sundays and holidays with their families for picnic and make the natural beauty polluted.
Near Gaddani Moor a cement industry is being built which is known as DG Khan Cement. This industry is refusing green laws and not following environmental laws. They have dug 6 bores from winder and this will waste water of the fields. There should be an environmental impact assessment to identify the disadvantages of this project. After Gaddani there is a city known as winder which is suffering from air pollution. Uthal city is suffering from plastic bags pollution and contributing to air.
Dureji is the last place where the district Lasbela ends. Dureji is also beautiful clean and clear but new developments will make Bela and Dureji also polluted. Nowadays Dureji is one of the eyes cooling place of Lasbela. Cleanliness programs in the area are much better than other places. The areas has parks, new roads schools and hospital all are clean and good.
In Lasbela the focus should be on clean air, clean water, solid waste management and ecosystem management. There is also need to have a comprehensive strategy to develop provincial capacity for implementing environmental protection laws and monitoring their effectiveness. Everyone should plant a tree on this day and launch campaigns to spread awareness to the people to celebrate environmental day.
Writer is a student of Lasbela University of Agriculture water and Marine Sciences.
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