Why Do Girls Dropout from Schools in Balochistan?

Sumaira Aslam Baloch
Female education is a symbol of progress and development. It is obvious that “Education of men is just education of a men but education of female is education of entire nation”. Undoubtedly, dropouts from schools is a major reason of fall of women’s empowerment. The increasing dropout of girls in schools is a major problem in Balochistan.
According to Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement (PSLM) survey conducted by Pakistan Bureau of statistics(PBS) current literacy rate of Balochistan is 43% out of that 55% males and 25% are females. Surely a serious question arises here why do girls dropout from schools in Balochistan? The reasons behind are obvious, early marriage is one of the major causes of dropout, In Balochistan more than 50% marriages are solemnized before the age of 18.

Education of men is just education of a man but education of female is education of entire nation

Secondly poverty is considered as an immense hurdle for girls to progress their education. It is estimated that more than 45% people living in Balochistan are jobless. There are some schools situated in far flung areas and parents fear to send their children. Most importantly, lack of awareness among the masses is one of the common issues. Generally people think that there is no reason to educate girls as they are born to serve the home.
Additionally, these dropouts had left harmful effects in Balochistan to girl’s education, facing low literacy rate, province is backward in all human races. Dropout due to any reason would face mental disorders because students lose their confidence in all walks of life and will also advice to others girls as there is no rights for girls dream and get education because they were born for marriages or homework. They thought that they have no authority on themselves on their lives. Future generation will surely get a bad impact if girls today not permitted to fulfill their wishes. It’s still not late to take a solid decision on this alarming problem. Awareness seminars and campaigns should be arranged home to home, jobs should be given to poor people so that they can be able to educate their girls. Building schools in that rural areas should be first attention of the government. Education should be free of cost. All these steps in totality can counter the problem of dropouts of girls from schools in Balochistan.
Writer is a student of LUAWMS.
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