Slaying Merit in Health Department

Yasmeen Baloch
Education, nowadays, has been made a system for trading and business. It is needless to say that it has become a system of under-hand dealings. People grease the palms of corrupt people and take the jobs; people recommend so-called highly qualified people for jobs. In our state of affairs tiny problems are broadly discussed and solved but cronyism does not seem to be solved. Jobs related to any department are sold out in the market. People, having source and money, can succeed; otherwise people, without any source and money, grow old and get frustrated.
In Balochistan, students, mostly graduates at the age of 22-24, are compelled to quit education due to poverty and perhaps their merit is slain by recommendation. Most of them sit in shops and the remaining struggle, work hard and eventually they too become shopkeepers. It is a bitter reality that except all other things, job is one of the most expensive rights to buy when the budget-auction is staged!
Education has become very expensive. In other countries education remains tough due to competition but in Pakistan education is expensive due to corruption and source-based struggle. Currently, all jobs are sold and disbursed on recommendations. Talented persons, with bright marks and brilliance, wander for jobs and people, who have back chair influence, get jobs in seconds. Nepotism seems to be on a hunting spree which kills the merit with impunity.
Recently, many jobs were announced in health department of Panjgur which included female ECG technician, medical technician, dental technician, Eye technician, lady health visitor, laboratory assistant, nursing staff and drivers. Unfortunately, all jobs were for those who had money and who had recommendation. Not only the health department but also jobs in other departments are given away on recommendation. The posts for driver and peon are also sold.
The people, applying by care of ministers, are appointed on high posts. Though they know nothing, they are appointed as teachers, assistants, lecturers who have passed only metric. Our leaders take oath, deliver speeches and debates and explain their honesty but forget to deliver their promises to finish nepotism and favouritism from education system.
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