The Ghost Assassins

Ayaz Khan
During a discussion with my colleagues, after the fateful death of the Traffic Sergeant in Quetta who was said to have been overrun by the vehicle of a politician (MPA) belonging to Pashtunkhuwa Milli Awami Party (PKMAP), one of my comments landed me in a further hot debate with my fellows. Commenting on MPA’s heinous crime, I maintained that the MPA Majeed Achakzai was drunk and the ‘gin or djinn’ inside him instructed to ruin the bones of Traffic Sergeant Haji Attaullah and crush him to death. My remark brought some sudden ‘interjections’ on the faces of my fellows. One of them said that how pashtuns, who, according to my fellow, remained adherent to religion more than anyone else— if pious, pious more than anyone else— could, drink in the holy month of Ramadan. Now, it might be rather unfair, when my remark is inflammable for others as well. But, there lies the essence of the word ‘drunk’ I have used for the MPA that ran amok in the broad daylight and ruined an innocent.
To ones conscience, it might also be a food for thought that as drinking in Ramadan is unlawful and jaw dropping act for someone, similarly killing is also an unlawful act not only in Ramadan it is an engraved sin on the pages of Islamic teachings also. Belonging to the same elite-hierarchy, Mr. Majeed Achakzai can be seen, in CCTV footage, hitting the Traffic Sergeant directly.
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The twisting and bamboozling moment came after the police, like the ghost teachers and employees, kept the MPA a ‘ghost assassin’ in First Inquiry Report (FIR) despite the witnessing remarks by the SSP Traffic Nazeer Kurd that Mr. Acakzai himself was driving the vehicle. And, in videos and footages of MPA’s murderous act, his vehicle’s green number plate can also be seen.
Startlingly, it was equal to rub salt on one’s wounds after reading the news on GEO news’ website. The killing of Traffic Sergeant was twisted with the verbosity used by the organization perhaps to take an elite route to succeed in getting much rating. The news website—it is perhaps due to lack of professionalism or a deliberate fabrication—wrote the MPA ‘Dr. Abdul Majeed Achakzai’. The news was also twisted to give an impression that it was an accident occurred by collision of two vehicles and the Traffic Sergeant was a passerby hit by the vehicle haphazardly!
The elite vandalism in Pakistan remains a malaise. This killing by a politically influenced demigod will merely be an addition to the list of those who have been killed, bullied, tortured and defamed in broad daylight by powerful mafia of the country. It also must be noted that few days earlier a cameraman associated with Samaa TV was badly beaten up by the guards of Mr. Bilawal Bhutto in a political gathering called by PPP in Balochistan. To accuse Bilawal or his security protocol, one of them had also devoured an infant’s life during Bilawal’s visit to Civil Hospital Karachi back in 2015.
The elite-based crimes are often given immunity to vanish. Shahzeb’s murder remains a mystery despite his accused murderer was given sentence to death. Soon after Shahrukh Jatoi’s sentence, a Dawn news programme, aired with title ‘exposed’, showed luxurious life an accused murderer was made enable to live and enjoy including gaming, TV and Air Conditioner facilities despite being given B-category punishment!
Killing, while drunk or with conscience prevailing inside, is a heinous crime, yet elite-based killing warrants strict action. The word ‘drunk’, which I deliberately buried between the lines, was the ‘hangover’ shrouded one’s head after getting lost by the intoxication of political power and growing thrust for power not for the ‘hangover’ left after taking gin. But, the ‘hangover’ of politics and money, with a bolstering pillar of power, will keep energizing the masters commit crimes and the downtrodden will keep falling prey.
Writer is a team member of Balochistan Voices.
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Ayaz Khan is a Graduate of Mass Communication from University of Karachi. He is an editorial assistant with Balochistan Voices and also contributes news stories.