Letter: Female Education Problems in Jhal Magsi

Like other facilities Jhal Magsi district is very poor in case of educational facilities too. There is only one Intermediate college for boys in the whole district whereas there is no high school even for the girls. There are number of primary and middle schools but more for the boys. That’s why the literacy ratio in Jhal Magsi which is 20% is lowest in the Balochistan as well as in the entire country.
District Jhal Magsi is also among one of those districts which is far behind in female education. It lacks facilities like many other rural districts of Balochistan. Financial constraints, cultural barriers and lack of infrastructural facilities in rural areas of Jhal Magsi affect the education sector most, especially the female education. It is not limited only to primary level; rather it also effects higher secondary level, college and university education as well.
Abdul Nabi Magsi – International Islamic University Islamabad
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