The Inevitable Importance of Money

Anwar Noor Baloch
It is more than true in my view of point that, money cannot buy happiness, it cannot buy a good husband, and it cannot buy a good wife or good friends. It might not be important at all. But, what if you don’t have that money? What if you are unemployed? What if you don’t have the money to pay the bill of the electricity and water? What if your kids cry for a small toy? What if you go back to home and find no food? What if you have a small fever and don’t have money to see the doctor? Now, money can be seen in a different way. Is not it?
In today’s fast and growing economic world, how someone can understand the value of money? You may easily value it as a business person and you will neither understand nor value it as a man of literacy, in some extant. No matter in which field and category someone belongs to, the money has its own understanding and value. It is today’s reality that, money can only motivate everyone.
In fact, today, in the world of finance, money is no more visible. People can’t see money anymore. Money has not become currency note “cash” to any further extent, but it is more than that. Plastic cards “Debit and Credit” have already replaced the cash. It doesn’t stop here, now people transfer money electronically to settle. It has rightly been mentioned in one of the financial books, cash flow quadrant, of Robert T. Kiyosaki, that: “There is more money being created and available today than ever before. The problem is that money is invisible. Today, the bulk of it is electronic”.
One of the facts, that should not be ignored where, most of the Baloch in Makran were stabled financially as from each family there was a man working in Gulf. Today is different. Honey Moon is over. The time has come to work harder and harder, if someone wants to become financially free. The financial goal must be made now, that how someone would like to see him or herself financially after five years.
Here is not how much money can be earned, but how much can be kept. Of course, and it might not be wrong as well if it was said that, everyone eagerly wants to know how money can be earned easily and without efforts, since the whole world has become a smart village.
“I am divorced, uneducated, having four kids with me. I don’t have a house and a job. I want to survive with my four little daughters. How would that be without money”, said a divorced woman. She has shown and expressed that, money is everything for her and she can’t think of anything else expect money to live and gives her four little daughters better living standard and good education.
Further, she replied to one of the persons, that: “Advices and sweet talks never feed me and my four little daughters”.
Although, money is the need of every single person to live, but how that can be earned? There can be one single way to earn money which doesn’t require many efforts and at the same time, there can be many different ways to earn money with a lot of efforts. Which one would someone prefer in the smart world?
If someone is smart enough, he will never work for money. He lets the money works for him. It is good to have the wisdom of saving money, but never let it be idle and dead. Let that money works in a good manner and let it moves the entire world, in a good manner, too.
Having no education about finance and “Money Management” will lead to dark side of the life, which is hard to live and that can be dangerous to the society and to the entire nation. Once someone has the education about Money and Finance, he will easily understand and knows that, how to make money, how much to save and how much to spend and where.
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