Letter: Menace of Fuel Smuggling

Lucrative cross-border fuel is being smuggled on every day basis from Iran to Pakistan.
Fuel, especially diesel, is smuggled from Iran through Pakistan’s Makran division, especially the Panjgur, Kech and Gwadar which have been known for Iranian fuel smuggling routes for more than three decades. More than 20,000 liters of petrol and diesel are smuggled every day to Hub. People dwelling in border areas more than 95% of the population depend on this business.
However, the customs officials have seized around 2.815 million liters of oil from different part of Balochistan in the last eight months and have saved Rs.179.03 million in revenue losses.
They have also seized Rs300.98 million worth of smuggled goods and have recovered around Rs86.57 million in fines and penalties.
Most of the time hefty sum of bribe is paid to cross the check points.
It is estimated that between 7m-10m liters of petrol and diesel are smuggled out from Iran every day, according to Iranian state media.
If it is given a legal cover to all trade between both neighboring countries than this will be a welcoming boost to Pakistan’s economy that is expected to save at least Rs10 billion annually due to decrease in fuel smuggling.
Jahanzaib Mengal – Panjgur
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