Letter: Turbat Children’s Park

Turbat Children Park, which is located near Turbat police station, is in a critical condition. It was the only source for the children to get entertainment but due to the irresponsibility of government today there isn’t any playing equipment for the children.
In addition, now a days Turbat Children Park is known for the place of drug addicts where just we can see drug addicts but can’t see a single child in the park.
Further, if today this park is in a bad condition so just and just the government is responsible because the playing equipment which were there for the children were not repaired and so they became in such a condition that now they are totally diminished.
There is no doubt denying the fact that this park was built many years before and from that time no changes were brought. I really salute the efforts of the leader who took such a step and made this entertainment place for children. But now what I think it is the time for the government to wake up and should work on this park by bring new playing equipment for the children of Turbat because it is the only source for the children to get entertained.
I suggest the government to make the park systematic by hiring some employees who should take care of the park and it should be maintained.
All in all, as we know getting entertainment is must for the children because if the children will get entertained so their mind will become fresh and they can focus towards education in a better way.
In spite of the fact that Turbat Children Park is in a demolishing condition but from the new government one may hope that the bad days have gone and in the coming days Turbat Children Park will be in a good condition.
Mehrullah JameelKoshk Turbat
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