Questioning the Panama Verdict

Rafiullah Khan Tareen
Corruption is intrinsically linked to the abuse of power and dishonest behaviour. There are various kinds of corruption such as political, administrative, personal and moral corruption.  Most of the people in society seem to have been involved in any of the above categories. Though eliminating corruption in political sphere leaves some welcoming impacts, it doesn’t mean that society is completely cleansed of the creeping evil of loot and plunder.
The celebration of the masses over the disqualification of an elected prime minister is out of my understanding. It is not the defeat of Nawaz Sharif and victory of the nation; rather, it is the defeat of democracy and triumph of the establishment.  Imran Khan is a puppet in the hands of the establishment right from the very start of stage-in staged by him. Disqualification of a single person doesn’t imply that now the country is purged from the menace of corruption. If Imran Khan is so interested in the elimination of corruption from society, he ought to take action against the state apparatus which robbed and looted the state for more than half of the life of its independence. From top to bottom every office, department and institution tell the long tales of corruption. Nobody has taken any action against them but just Nawaz Sharif. It was less a corruption case and more a duel between Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif, in which the former won and the latter lost the fight.
Some argue that premiers and presidents of other states who were involved in the Panama resigned, why not him? I simply answer them that first thing they themselves got the resignation, they were not forced, which shows their democratic spirit. Second, these states don’t have establishment supremacy or another state within the single state. Third, in these states, each and every decision is taken upon the principles of democracy.
Amusement of the masses over the dismissal of the premier is like if the country is put on the track of democracy, progress and prosperity. They should know that this will further weaken the democracy and strengthen the role of non-political forces. I would like to have few questions from those who are making a lot of fuss regarding the prime minister’s disqualification. Whether this disqualification puts an end to the corruption in the country? Whether his dismissal will put an end to sectarian conflicts between the Shias and the Sunnis? Whether his discharge stops target killings, bomb blasts, honor killing, elite protocol, rape etc.? Whether Nawaz Sharif’s firing from the premiership will prevent the hardcore fundamentalists from taking the lives of the innocent people like Mashal Khan over alleged blasphemy, and fanatics of the JI will abstain from their hooliganism on the universities campuses?  Definitely, the answer will be a big NO, then why so much celebration?
Those who are praising the Supreme Court’s verdict must study the history and the historical role it had played in strengthening of praetorian-mandarin nexus over political and democratic principles, putting the later on the side and empowering the former to rule the state through the sources like Doctrine of Necessity. What role did the same court play in Hamod-ur-Rahaman commission, Abbottabad commission and Quetta commission? There is huge hush on all those commissions, why the court has not taken any action? Why has court not bothered calling all those military generals who abrogated the constitution time and again? The recent decision is not less than a judicial coup over civilian authority.
The writer is a student of School of Politics and International Relations at the Quaid- e -Azam University, Islamabad.
DisclaimerViews expressed in this article are those of the author and Balochistan Voices not necessarily agrees with them.
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