A Son of Soil Pays Tribute to Fallen Heroes Through Art

Adnan Aamir
On the fateful morning of 8th August 2016, a suicide blast at the entrance of Emergency Ward in Civil Hospital killed 97 people, including 56 lawyers.
This was biggest attack on the legal fraternity in history of Pakistan. Not only Balochistan lost its best legal brains but also gem of human beings and social activists. In the words of Lawyer Leader Kamran Murtaza, Balochistan might not get quality judges for next 25 years to come due to attack on lawyers, last August.
Although, the attack on lawyers was a huge issue but it was soon forgotten like other issues of Balochistan. In that context, a man decided to use his art to not only remember but also pay tribute to the fallen heroes of Balochistan – the 56 martyred lawyers.
Portraits of lawyers placed in High Court Courtyard
Sharjil Baloch, is a video producer who is currently working with BBC World Service. He was trained as a medical doctor but he quit that field to pursue his interests in arts.
Immediately after the attack on lawyers, He started an ambitious project to make portraits of all the lawyers who lost their lives in the attack. He started his mission and it was successfully completed before the first anniversary of the deadly attack.
Sharjil Baloch (Right) presenting a portrait of Chakar Rind Advocate
On 8th August, the portraits of all the lawyers made by Sharjil Baloch were put on display in the premises of Balochistan High Court building where a program was held to remember the martyred lawyers.
The effort of Sharjil Baloch received appreciation from across the board. BBC Urdu and MangoBaaz carried out stories on it. Social Media users also appreciated the initiative of Sharjil.
Most importantly the relatives of lawyers were pleased with the work of Sharjil.

Initiative of Sharjil Baloch is an impressive artwork which mesmerized everyone’s heart – Ameer Jan Jamaldini

Ameer Jan Jamaldini, lost his brother Advocate Sangat Jamaldini in the attack. He termed the initiative of Sharjil Baloch as “impressive artwork which mesmerized everyone’s heart.
Sharjil Baloch presenting portrait of Sangat Jamaldini to his brother Ameer Jan Jamaldini
“On behalf of families of victims, I am thankful to Mr. Sharjil Baloch who kept the memories of slain lawyers alive through his art work,” He told Balochistan Voices. “8th August incident was 9/11 for Balochistan and Kudos to Sharjal Lala for taking the time and effort to immortalize the memories of the fallen heroes,” He added.

Sharjil Baloch proved to be a true son of soil by using his art to heal the wounds of relatives of lawyers

What Sharjil Baloch did might be a one-off act for some but it means a lot to those who lost their loved ones in Civil Hospital Attack last year. Sharjil Baloch proved to be a true son of soil by using his art to heal the wounds of relatives of lawyers to some extent.
Group of lawyers receiving a portrait
Art work of Sharjil Baloch has not only kept the memories of slain lawyers alive but it has also immortalized Sharjil Baloch as someone who used art for a noble cause.
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