Abdul Hai: A Talented Photographer

Javed Baloch
There is a famous quotation that “Art speaks there, where words are unable to explain.” With the developing technology it’s becoming easier to develop art and to capture it. Same thing is happening in Pakistan where photography is becoming a growing industry. However, due to lack of resources and opportunities many young and talented photographers are not getting the right attention. One such talented Photographer is Abdul Hai.
 Abdul Hai Baloch belongs to Gwadar and loves to capture natural views. He says that “we can’t move the natural sceneries from a place to another place but with a single click we can save those and can show them everywhere.”
A click by Abdul Hai Baloch
Abdul Hai didn’t get any proper training or guidance about photography but his self-interest made him a best photographer. Abdul Hai says “I used to take my camera along with me every time before but now people have best quality of expensive DSLR cameras and I feel shy to take my old digital camera everywhere.” I don’t ask him why he doesn’t buy a new that kind of camera because a jobless Young boy living today it’s itself something special. Abdul Hai believes that we have uncountable location and beautiful places in our areas about which our own country’s people are not aware and he thinks that there is beauty in every common thing created by God, we need beautiful eyes only,
He talks about his photography that a click needs time and best photos are those which are capture neither late nor in hurry. If anybody can control his clicks he can be photographer, he said “I don’t think I am a photographer but I try only and friends like them.”
Abdul Hai has a Facebook page where he uploads his photography for his fans. He and many of other talented people can do better if they get a chance of photography connecting with a good organization. If they get support from Government they may get admission in good institutes and get good quality of equipment to show better work.
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