Living Through Tough Times

Anwar Noor Baloch
Having tough times in life can be good. How much an individual is prepared for that? Who really is having tougher times, a soldier in the battle field or a rickshaw driver who is fighting all the day for a piece of bread? A CEO of the bank who has to meet his annual target or a divorced woman who has five children to feed them? Who has tougher times a fresh graduate who is seeking a job or a man who lost his job? It is not easy to measure, which person truly has tougher times than the other. How such tough times can be comprehended and managed practically?
What can be required at tough times? Is it wisdom, knowledge, skills, or experience where someone can survive and accept the challenge? So, what a man and a woman should do at tough times?
Obviously, the entire world is in the circle of “Economic race” and the world has become all about materialism, fashions, brands, races, marks, and competitions.
An ordinary man can never fulfill his economic needs if he doesn’t understand the economic game of the world. Hence, he or she has to forget the relaxation and work harder and harder with smart mind. It doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t have the degree or qualification, but doors of having different opportunities can always be there.
The condition is that, he or she has to wake up early and sleep late by seeking those doors of opportunities. A strong man and a woman can exist at tough times. Be one of those, every day. No one can be happy of just having a dream about good times.
It has to be known that, persons like, Jack Ma, the founder of Ali Baba had gone through tough times in his early days. Steve Jobs must have slept on the street and faced many hard and difficult times and as well as Bill Gates and many others.
Strategies, plans, dreams and hopes are useless if don’t follow with solid and appropriate actions. There is an old saying, that, “An alert dog is better than the sleeping lion”. It is indeed, difficult to predict what will occur tomorrow. But, whatever occurs tomorrow does everyone prepare and ready to face?
“After a few weeks schools are opening. Eid-ul-Adha is on the door. Daily expenses are increasing. I am in tough times,” said a mother of four little daughters. “Life is not easy. It is really tough and will become tougher tomorrow,” she added.
“I am running with tough times and not able to pay the rent this month. Is it possible to pay it next month?” asked Dawood, who is one of the tenants and requested to his landlord, politely.
“I must take my father abroad for treatment and I have no money to pay the flat rent. I may pay you next month or may not. I am having tough times,” said Khadija, who is another tenants requesting to her landlord for late payment.
“I have lost a huge amount of money because of my miscalculation. I have lost around $100,000/00 in building construction. I am not even able to settle the bills of suppliers. It is really a tough time for me and can’t find ways to escape,” said Abu Khattab, one of the constructers.
The natures of tough times differ from one individual to another. Politicians have their own tough times. Similarly, leaders, business people, army commanders, report writers, teachers and many others, having their own tough times.
Going through tough times doesn’t mean to lay down, show laziness and bring thousands of excuses. The fact is that, no one has time to see tears of others or interested to listening excuses. Tough times, means wake up, be energetic, learn from the mistakes, reform the strategies, re-plan, understand the basic, practice the good habits every day and every moment, redesign and reshape the business and most importantly give yourself a time, sit with yourself and understand what exactly happening around.
If you are having tough times, consider you are lucky.  If every time can be considered as tough times, there will never be a tough time. The thing is to understand the basic and practice every day.
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