A Woman between Love and Religion

Anwar Noor Baloch
The time was 1:00 am, in the morning, everyone must be sleeping, I guessed. I found myself wakeful, at that night. The message, read as “Mohammed! I want to resign from my job” in my newly bought mobile (Samsung-Note 2). I usually put it on my right side, while I am on my bed. It is my second wife, as my first wife always says. I took the mobile and went to the balcony and began to chat with her. “Yes! Tell me, what is wrong this time?” I asked her. “I am tired, I am completely disturbed and fidgety, and have lost my way”, she said. “If I had not promised him that I was going to marry him, he would not been reacting this way” she completed. I noticed that, she was frightened while texting messages.
When I saw her, first time, three years back, her smile looked clean, as white as the whites of her eyes, and her face beamed the entire area. At that time, there was a different girl in her body, but now I can grasp that there is another woman unseen in the same body. While she was writing, I was scanning my past, having her image in my brown eyes. I could see, the air annoying her long black hair. She was sitting in front of me, wearing a blue scarf, carrying a note book and a pencil, dreaming and planning her future career. She looked beautiful and innocent then.
So, is he still annoying you, I confirmed by sending a message to her what’s App? “Yes”, she answered. “You know that very well, I am married with two kids and he is married with one kid”, she emphasized. “He loves me a lot and is ready to scarifies for everything for me”, she said.  Do you love him as well? Though it was an unwise question but I asked her. “Yes”, she replied. Are you ready to leave your husband and kids behind? I again asked? “I don’t know, how and what to do, but I love him”, she said.
“Will he leave his wife and kid behind, for you?” I asked. “Yes”, she replied. “Can you also do that?” I questioned her. “I am not sure”, she answered? “My religion doesn’t allow for me doing so, my society will not accept me if I take such steps, and there is a lot, where I am very much confused and am not able to find my ways”, she said. “If I stop loving him, my soul will not forgive me, and if I don’t become a good mother and a wife, my Allah will punish me”, she said.
“There can be some reasons, where you intend to leave your family behind”, I said. “There is no reason, I just love him”, she cried. Don’t you love your husband? It was another unwise question but I deliberately asked. “I do”, she replied. “Do you care your husband the way you care your lover?” I asked. “I don’t know”, she answered. “But I am tired, I will kill myself, I don’t know how and what to do”, she texted her last message.
Nobody should kill himself or herself because of the faith, as the same faith maybe becomes false one day. I failed to text this message to her.
Love and religion both have significant value in our society and culture. Both are needed in human life. Many people find life is unfilled without them. Understanding the secret of life is in itself a big secret, nobody knows what the future carries in life. It can be a problematic time for a person, when he or she faces situation, where they are not able to know, what to do. It might be easy for a man to find ways, but for a woman it’s hard to find ways. In today’s society, especially new generation there is a conflict between the religion and love. In interpersonal relationship, it has been found that, there is a lot in the mind of the young generation about love and religion.
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