Former Teachers of Pak-Turk School Ask Government of Pakistan for Help

Yahya Reki
Quetta: Former Teachers of Pak-Turk Schools have asked government of Pakistan to help them in solving their problem of visas and refugee status.
Osman Arsalan, former Principal of Pak-Turk School Quetta, along with other teachers made this appeal while addressing a press conference, on Saturday.
Problems of Pak-Turk school teachers started in July 2016 after failed coup attempt in Turk which was blamed on Fethullah Gulen. Turkish Government claims that Pak-Turk network and its teachers are associated with Gulen Movement. A charge denied by Pak-Turk teachers.

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We have spent our lifetimes working for peace and education development in Pakistan,” said Mr. Arsalan. He added, we have served this country by providing quality education to its children for several years. We convinced privileged people to fund the education of under-privileged children.
He informed the newsmen that Turkish teachers are facing problems due to cancellation of their visas by Pakistan government. “Turkish Embassy in Pakistan is also not helping us and we can’t get visa of other countries because we don’t have a visa of Pakistan from where we are applying,” He lamented.
Former Principal of Pak-Turk Schools continued that we are compelled to live in Pakistan as a refugee with United Nations Higher Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) since 25th November 2016. Our refugee status is also about to end with UNHCR, He said.
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He further added that all Turkish teachers living under refugee status are unemployed for more than a year which has caused huge financial and emotional problems for them.
Mr. Arsalan along with all the Turkish teachers requested from concerned government representatives to take action to solve the problems of Turkish teachers in Pakistan.
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