Letter: Stop BS Program in Turbat College

The recent BS program at Turbat College is creating troubles for the students. No proper classes are being taken due to lack of teachers.
Previously, Political science was one of the subjects of BS program but later on, they canceled it because of no teacher of Political science. Besides political science, sociology is as well included in the 8-semester program but only one teacher of sociology is present who has to attend his own class of the 4th year. Recently, He has gone to Quetta for a test and the students of BS Program are waiting for his return.
How had the HEC brought BS program in the college of Turbat without appointing any teacher? There are many questions which are not answered by the authorities.
Thus, I would like to request the HEC and the government of Balochistan to stop the BS Program at Turbat College.
Ali Jan Baloch – Turbat
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