Say No to BS Program in Balochistan

Ali Jan Maqsood
HEC announced to replace B.A and B.Sc. with BS program in the colleges of all the country. Punjab implemented it in 10 colleges of Lahore for one year after which they refused to run BS Program in Punjab’s colleges. Sindh and KP refused to introduce it in the colleges.
Now HEC has asked Balochistan for running the program. Because everyone in the country knows that how corrupt the authorities are in Balochistan. We have already been facing problems with fewer teachers in our colleges, the authorities are saying to introduce one more burden. What is going on in Balochistan?
The life of every single Baloch who is participating in BS program is being destroyed because we don’t witness enough teacher for it. I myself is the student of Atta Shad Degree College Turbat and also the BS Program has been running but only in shape of a joke.
A BS Program without any separate campus. A BS program with one teacher per subject. And that one teacher has his own classes of intermediate. Why are the authorities willing to destroy us?
Thus, I request the central and provisional government to stop the BS Program in Balochistan and let us get a good education.
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