US-Israel Relations in Context of Middle-East

Rafiullah Khan Tareen
United States of America and Israel have ultra-friendly and cordial relationship since President 1945. There are various explanations to this evergreen friendship. The one reliable explanation lies in the Realpolitik. It has always interests which dictate relations among the states. We will look into those interests which have strengthened this relationship especially with the perspective of Middle-East.
Us-Israel relationship pulls us back to Cold War era. During Cold War, when most of the Middle-East states, led by the monarch and kings, sided with the USSR; US was left with no option but to befriend with Israel. Israel is a democratic country which made US to incline towards it—Americans give the explanation of democratic regime of Israel for this ideal relationship.
Israel fought three wars with Arab states and defeated them in all the wars and expanded its territory further. It is the common sense that every state wants to have good relations with the powerful ones to procure its interests. Arab-Israel wars evinced that Israel, being small country, dominated and defeated the united onslaught of Arabs three times consecutively. US wanted to have one strong state than having relations with many, but weak ones. Israel can survive and fight the war of her existence even without the assistance of US. Such a strong ally was of great advantage to US in order to pursue her objectives in the Middle-East.
Mossad is Israel’s secret intelligence agency which is said to be one of the finest spy agencies in the world. This will greatly help CIA in sharing information regarding Middle East. On the basis of this information US can pursue its aims and objectives.
One of the reasons behind this steal-like strong friendship is the military perspective. Israel can serve as a reasonable military base. Israel will not deny and refuse to provide military base anytime to US. The people of Israel are affectionate towards Americans. Israel serves as an ammunition stock for US. Israel can serve as a gateway to the Middle East whenever required and Israel is strategically important for the US, too.
United States’ involvement in the Middle East is for two purposes. First is the ideological one. Being the flag-bearer of democracy, US wanted to spread the wave of democratization in the Middle East. Israel being a democratic country can greatly help her in accomplishment of this mission. The second objective is to have access to the oil resources. After the six-day Arab-Israel war of 1967, US sensed the threat of oil when Arab states declared oil embargo and the prices sky-rocketed. The first reason of democratization is seemed to be fictitious, because US is selective in its approach to democratization in the Middle East. US has good relations with Saudi-kingdom and supports it. Secondly, for the achievement of this aim, it wanted puppet governments in the Middle East whether despotic monarch like Saudi Arabia or democratic regime like Israel.
There is also another explanation from the west regarding this specific relationship of the two states. This is evangelical explanation that Americans believe that helping Israel would please God. It is part of their belief, and belief is repugnant to logic and reason.
US support for the Israel especially in the formation of Israeli state owes to all above interests whether it is political, economic, or social, which is fulfilled through Israel. The question is whether this relationship will sustain in future too or it will fall victim to the break up? Time will let us know the answer to the above question.
Writer is a student of Political Science at Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad
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