Condolence Reference Demands Action on Qazi Faiz Essa Report

Akhpal Wak Kakar
Islamabad: Pashtoon Student’s Council International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) organized a condolence reference for the martyrs of 8th August 2016 in Quaid e Azam Auditorium of IIUI on, 14th December.
On 8th August 2016, a suicide bomber in Civil Hospital Quetta killed more than 50 lawyers in one of the most devastating terrorist attacks in history of Balochistan.
Latif Afridi Advocate Speaking
Senior Lawyer leader Latif Afridi Advocate, President and General Secretary of Islamabad Bar Association and lawyers from other bar associations attended the conference. Families of the victims of the incident were chief guests of the reference.
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Addressing the reference the speakers termed the incident as an attack on judiciary as well as the continuation of Pashtun and Baloch genocide
The reference demanded that Supreme Court must take action on Qazi Faiz Essa Commission report and provide the promised facilities to the victim families.

In the end, shields were provided to all the guests of the conference.
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