Impoverished Education System in Balochistan

Mehlab Kashani
The literacy rate in Balochistan is low. The good quality of education will nearly destroy, if measures are not taken to improve it. The education system is totally destroyed as nobody taking measures to bring changes in education system. In Balochistan, there are more than 12,500 primary schools and among them 7,000 schools without classrooms and teachers, and no captivating actions are being taken by government.
There are ample of reasons due to which there are dismal conditions of education in Balochistan. Although, there are number of government educational institutes but these institutes are not managed properly. The government is not trying to ameliorate it. In Balochistan there are ghost teachers, these teachers are receiving their monthly wages but are not present and so no management is there. There are number of schools in which all students study in one, single room. Recently, it is estimated that more than 5000 ghost teachers are found, which are getting their wages but not teaching.
Recently, in Khuzdar, the deputy commissioner found that many school are non-functional and are closed. The teachers were absent. The schools premises had been turned into stores and livestock. These conditions are found because there is no good management of schools. There are educational crisis in Balochistan.
The tribal leaders, few of Nawab and Sardars are against education and they don’t want their youth to study. They have this superstition that the youth will be aware of their basic human rights and will rebel against them. They don’t want their people to develop, to stand with them. They want people to live under their rule. Another crux is that, as we know from centuries people of Balochistan lived a nomadic way of life and so population density in Balochistan is scattered. With this condition it is difficult to establish schools for every small village.
There in Balochistan, there is lack of political interest for the betterment of education system in Balochistan. The leadership in Balochistan claims to develop the education system, however no such results are observed. The children of Balochistan are deprived of good quality of education system. In this 21 century, in which world is developing in every sector, millions of children are illiterate and are not aware of their basic rights. Moreover the schools are deprived of basic needs and facilities. In schools no fresh water, electricity available for children.
All in All, today our nation is facing multiple problems in modern era and are deprived of real education system. The government should take urgent measures to eliminate this problem. This problem should be cured as soon as possible. The educational institutes should be cursory glimpsed so that no more ghost teacher could be found. There should be non-governmental organizations, which should provide free education.
Education is the first step to the line of development. To improve the standard of living, we should emphasize more on the education sector, as it is the basic right of every child to get an education.
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